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The importance of flooring in the Hospitality market ranks as one of the most important aspects of design.
Carpet is the signature item that that gives your guests the first impression that will raise or lower their expectations about your facility. Making it look good is our role.
So what makes your business stand out and give a welcoming feeling?
Good floor coverings is must and that’s where we play our role.
Having carpeted many of the finest Hotels in Victoria we know what to look for. We provide our services on the basis of performance and aesthetic value; in other words, your flooring has good to look good, perform well and please your patrons.

We have been called in many times when a site needed premature replacement simply because there was limited research done prior to the installation.Typically an operator has chosen an 80/20 48oz woven carpet and believed that this blend will guarantee success. There is a lot more to it than that these days though especially when imports can be brought into this country with no guarantee or warranty. Hospitality is highly demanding and unless the floor traffic, use, style of customer and replacement factors are taken into account the chances of choosing the right product are unlikely. Creating a specification is the key.

Specification writing is one of our specialties, a service used by many of our clients. The specification process embraces the entire procedure, from floor preparation, underlay type, installation type and carpet selection.

We are also specialists in creating an entire flooring strategy for facilities and that usually results in far better value for your budget by applying the budget in exactly the right areas for maximum effect.

Call the team at (03) 9357 0027 and we will be happy to discuss your needs and create an overall floor strategy for your facility.